Pearl Type

Pearl Type

As the queen of jewelry, pearl is the only gemstone that can be used as jewelry without cutting or carving.

Pearls can be divided into SEAWATER PEARLS and FRESHWATER PEARLS according to the different culture waters. The most common SEAWATER PEARLS on the market are SOUTH SEA PEARLS, AKOYA PEARLS and TAHITIAN PEARLS.

type of pearls

1.Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are pearls formed in oysters or clams in rivers, lakes or ponds. Freshwater pearls are often richer in shape and color than seawater pearls. The price of freshwater pearls is lower than that of seawater pearls, which does not mean that the quality of freshwater pearls is inferior to that of seawater pearls. In fact, some high-quality freshwater pearls are valuable.

Size Range: 2mm-18mm

Color: Freshwater Pearls have the widest range of natural colors ranging from white to pink to lavender as well as a myriad of dyed options.

Shape: Round, Near Round, Button, Drop, Baroque

type of pearls - freshwater pearls

2.AKOYA Pearls

Akoya pearl is a kind of seawater pearl cultured in oysters. Although Akoya is called Akoya pearl of Japan, its oysters are originated in China, and China has a long history of cultivating seawater pearls with oysters in southern China. At present, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and other places widely cultivate seawater Akoya pearls, and China has become an important source of aquaculture.

Size Range: 5mm-11mm

Color: The classic white pearl, with overtones of rose, silver &cream. Akoya pearls may also be treated to achieve a black body color.

Shape: Perfectly Round

type of pearls - AKOYA Pearls

3.South Sea Pearls

The South Sea pearls, produced in the South Pacific, are widely distributed in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, including northern Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other places. Because Australia is rich in pearls, they are generally called Australian South Sea pearls. The mother shell of South Sea Pearl is white butterfly shell, which is the largest. The color of South Sea Pearl varies from white to golden yellow, and its size is usually larger than 9mm, the general diameter is 10-15MM, and some may reach 19mm. At present, the largest South Sea Pearl in the world is 24mm. South Sea pearls are very precious. The colorful South Sea Pearls are called "the queen of pearls"!

Size Range: 9mm-18mm

Color: Ranging from silky silver to champagne to deep golden tones. Dark golden South Sea pearls are considered the most rare and valuable.

Shape: Round, Near Round, Baroque

type of pearls - South Sea Pearls

4.Tahitian Pearls

The luster of Tahitian pearls is like metal, and the thickness of the pearl layer should be at least 1mm. Any Tahitian pearl with a thickness of less than 1mm cannot be called Tahitian pearl. Tahitian pearls are very precious. You can see Tahitian pearls at the auction every year. Not all Tahitian pearls are black. In fact, its colors are much richer than you think, such as gray, green, blue, lavender, brown, black, and rainbow colors like peacock feathers.

Size Range: 9mm-16mm

Color: The only pearls to achieve a natural black body color, however they can range from dark greens to light silver in color.

Shape: Round, Near Round, Baroque

type of pearls - Tahitian Pearls